Dings and Dents: When to Take Your Car in for Car Ding Repair

Every day, there are hundreds of car accidents across the state of Pennsylvania. In 2018, the state had over 128,000 reported accidents. These accidents resulted in nearly 1200 fatalities.

Not all accidents are equal; some are just a minor fender bender. Many people wonder when to take their vehicle in for car ding repair. Some small dents and dings are not worth repairing.

Read on to learn what repair shops do with dents and dings. Explore how the vehicle is assessed and what the repair process looks like.

What to Do After an Accident?

Many people question what to do after a minor car accident. Some think it is not worth the trouble to file a police report for a small ding or dent. Others agree to skip the insurance claims process to avoid any premium increases.

The reality is that you should file both a police report and an insurance claim. There is no telling how much the repair will cost until a professional evaluates the vehicle. There may be more significant issues lurking under the surface after a minor accident.

Why Should You Get a Small Dent Repaired?

There are a number of good reasons to get a small dent or ding repaired. From a financial perspective, the appearance of dents or dings can reduce the vehicle’s value.

There are structural issues that can stem from the small blemish. For instance, it can start to rust or cause long-term damage to the paint.

There are also safety concerns with putting off the repair. There could be underlying damage to critical vehicle components. If the underlying metal is bent, there could be rear or front-end instability.

Is Paintless Dent Repair an Option?

One of the first things that a car repair shop looks at is whether the paint was damaged. This dictates what the potential fix may be.

A paintless dent repair is an option depending on the repair technician’s assessment. Any bubbling, chipping, or cracking within a dent prohibits the use of paintless dent repair.

How Much Will the Repair Cost?

The repair cost depends on a number of different factors. First, how large is the dent that needs repair.

Equally important is the depth of the repair. Deeper dents require more labor from the repair technician. Therefore, the size and depth of the defect are going to drive the cost.

Can You Repair a Dent on Your Own?

There are do-it-yourself dent repair kits on the market. Users should exercise caution when using these commercial products.

There is a potential for things to go wrong. You could make the dent worse or even cause damage to another area of the car.

A Recap of Car Ding Repair

Dings and dents are quite a nuisance for drivers. They are small enough to think you can go without repair.

However, many opt for repair for safety and appearance reasons. Choosing to repair will prevent the potential for rust issues to emerge.

If you need to bring your vehicle in for car ding repair, contact us today to schedule an appointment.