The Ultimate Guide to Autobody Repair

According to 2019 data, 343 reportable car crashes happen every day in Pennsylvania; that’s around 14 accidents an hour. Some of these are minor, like rear-endings at low speeds, fender benders, or one-car accidents. The damage from the outside may look cosmetic and easily fixed, meaning it gets overlooked often.

So, are you trying to find an autobody repair center and don’t know what to expect? Keep reading this guide to learn about autobody services and why you should use them.

Know What You Can’t DIY

A common and often expensive mistake that customers make is thinking they can make autobody repairs from the comfort of their own homes (or garages). Sure, you may think it’s convenient, and it may save you money in the short-term, but if you don’t know what you’re doing, you could be overlooking a dangerous issue or cause even more problems. Here are fixes to let your local autobody repair center take care of:

Repairs Following a Car Accident

Even in minor accidents, your car can experience significant issues with the transmission, alignment, steering, electric work, or worsening structural problems. DIY repairs many try after small wrecks are dent repair, windshield cracks, fixing the alignment, and so on. Without the right autobody repair parts, tools and training, you could make things worse.


The most obvious sign your car’s alignment is off is drifting to one side of the road when driving. Other sides include a shaking sensation in your steering wheel, uneven wear and tear on tires, loud or squealing tires. It’s not a simple fix; leave it to the professionals.


You can find all sorts of autobody repair kits online, however, this doesn’t mean you should buy them or attempt your own fixes. Using the wrong equipment can result in paint damage and overpulling the dent. You could be ignoring or hiding internal damage as well.


DIY windshield repair kits are messy, temporary solutions. It’s not advised that you try fixing bigger than a quarter. Professionals can fix your windshield before the damage spreads.


If you’re dealing with your insurance company to negotiate your claim, you probably have a lot of questions. What if the other person in the accident didn’t have insurance? Do I have to pay for this? 

Insurance companies aren’t always transparent about your rights as an insured motorist. Understand that doing your own restorations could jeopardize your claim.

Restoring Your Car

Whether it’s following up after a crash or for car scratch repair, you should work with a comprehensive and up-to-date collision shop. Vehicle restoration involves more than a quick once over and handing over the bill. Autobody repair isn’t a bandage; it’s a solution.

Autobody Repair Made Simple

At Limerick Auto Body, we understand that there are many steps to follow after a collision before you can get your car fixed. We’ve helped customers navigate the complicated insurance claim process for three decades and use cutting-edge autobody repair tech. Contact us here to ask more about our services.

We’ll help you through the steps and get you back on the road.