5 Ways a Minor Car Accident Can Cause Serious Damage

Most people have had a car accident in their driving history. Every year America sees almost 6 million car accidents and unfortunately many of them are fatal. But there are many of those who are fortunate enough to walk away from their accidents.

Some accidents are only cosmetic, or so you would think. Minor car accidents do happen, but the extents of their damage are often overlooked. These minor accidents can cause serious problems to your vehicle in the future.

Here are some ways that minor car accidents can bring you more issues if they aren’t checked.

The Ways An Accident Can Make Things Worse

Leaving small things like fender-benders can cause more issues for you in the long run. You have to be aware of these and others.

Transmission Problems

This can arguably cost you the most money; transmission replacements can cost anywhere from $1800-3400. Transmission damage can be diagnosed by slow acceleration and the sounds of clunky shifting of gears.

It can cause pieces breaking and lead to irreparable damage to your vehicle. Its easier to pay for a check than a new car.

Vehicle Alignment

Vehicle alignment is easy to be thrown off by a small fender-bender. If not taken care of immediately, it can make your car dangerous to drive, not to mention uncomfortable.

It makes your tires out of sync and can cause pulling to either side when driving. In the long run, it can get worse if not properly attended to.

Suspension & Steering Problems

The suspension is a delicate part of your vehicle, so a minor fender can throw it completely off. You will have to overcompensate for this in the way you steer and handle your car if you do not fix it.

Luckily, we at Limerick will be able to fix this for you if there are any issues with your suspension or alignment

Electrical System Problems

Wiring and tech in your vehicle can be fairly easy to disrupt. A minor accident can do that. Sometimes it can be simple like notification lights on your dashboard but other times it can be the starter which can cost far more.

Scratches & Dents

In a minor fender-bender, there is bound to be some cosmetic damage. However, these compromise the protective layer of your vehicle.

If left unchecked water, humidity, and salts can create rust that can travel underneath and create holes in the frame or rust out the fasteners. It is good to handle them early than later.

Minor Car Accidents Happen

It is important to be in tune with your vehicle. It is easy to overlook minor fender-benders as something not to pay much attention to but they can cause some serious problems further down the road.

If you find yourself in a minor car accident, don’t take the easy way. Take the diligent one because it can be the difference between a minor fix and less money and an entirely new car note.

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