Car Scratches in Royersford, PA: Types and Treatment Options

types of car scratches

Car scratches are an all-too-common frustration for drivers in Royersford, PA, and beyond. Nearly 60% of car owners report experiencing damage to their parked vehicles at some point, whether from careless drivers in parking lots or unexpected encounters with stray objects.

However, there’s no need to despair, as various treatment options are available to restore your car’s appearance. In this blog post, we’ll highlight the different types of car scratches and explore the treatment options available to drivers in Royersford, PA. Let’s get started.

Types of Car Scratches

Car scratches can vary in severity, from superficial surface scratches to deep gouges that penetrate multiple layers of paint. Surface scratches are the most common type and typically only affect the clear coat layer of the paint. A clear coat scratch is often shallow and can be caused by minor abrasions such as brushes, branches, or fingernails.

Key scratches, on the other hand, are deeper and penetrate through the clear coat into the base coat or primer. These scratches are usually caused by deliberate vandalism or malicious acts.

Deep scratches extend beyond the clear coat and penetrate into the underlying layers of paint. They are often the result of collisions, accidents, or contact with sharp objects.

Treatment Options

There are several treatment options available to repair car scratches in Royersford, PA. DIY scratch repair kits are readily available at auto parts stores and contain everything you need to fix minor scratches yourself. These kits typically include rubbing compound, polishing compound, and touch-up paint pens.

While DIY kits can be an affordable option for minor surface scratches, they may be less effective for deeper damage. For more severe scratches, professional detailing services offer specialized treatment options.

Professional detailers have the expertise and equipment to handle a wide range of scratches, from minor blemishes to deep gouges. They can provide long-lasting results and ensure your car looks its best.

Choosing Limerick Auto Body for Scratch Repair

When it comes to overseeing repairs after a collision, choosing Limerick Auto Body is the smart choice. With over 30 years of experience serving the communities of Royersford, Pottstown, and Limerick, our full-service collision repair facility is equipped with professional and highly skilled repair technicians.

We pride ourselves on our ability to handle all aspects of the repair process, from working directly with your insurance company to completing the repairs to your car efficiently. When you choose us, you’re choosing the best in quality car repair and a trusted track record of excellence.

Restore Your Car’s Shine Today

Different types of car scratches are an unavoidable reality for drivers in Royersford, PA, but they don’t have to detract from the beauty of your vehicle. Whether you opt for a DIY solution or seek professional assistance, restoring your car’s appearance is within reach. 

Don’t let types of car scratches get you down. Take action today and give your car the care it deserves. Trust Limerick Auto Body for expert collision repair in Royersford, PA. With over three decades of experience, we’ll get your vehicle looking like new again. Schedule your repair today!



Totaled Car Repair Shop in Limerick, PA: Will They Fix Your Car?

totaled car repair shop

There are more than 43,000 motor vehicle crashes on U.S. roads every year. Although accidents are common, the process of getting compensated for the car damage isn’t always straightforward.

Often, the insurance company will deem the car “totaled.” So instead of paying for repairs, they compensate the owner and sell the car for scrap.

Sometimes, though, drivers wish to repair the vehicle regardless of it being totaled. Maybe the car is a rare model or has sentimental value.

Whatever the case, this article explains critical aspects to look for in a totaled car repair shop. It will give you an idea of how to repair a car that is a “total loss” and how to find the right collision shop for the job. 

What Is a Totaled Car?

In general, the definition of a totaled car is one where the cost to repair the damage exceeds the vehicle’s “actual cash value” (ACV) at the time of the crash. An insurer also might “total” a car if they determine that it would be unsafe to drive, even if repaired. The term “totaled” comes from the concept that the car is a “total loss.” 

There is a caveat: different thresholds for when an insurance company can make this determination vary by state. In many locations, repair costs must reach a certain percentage (usually between 65 and 80 percent) of the pre-crash car value. The threshold in Pennsylvania is 100 percent, although the insurance company can factor “scrap costs” into the equation. 

Can You Fix a Totaled Car?

In many instances, you can still choose to repair a car that your insurance carrier has deemed a total loss. However, remember that finding insurance coverage for such a vehicle may be difficult. This is especially true if it was considered unsafe to drive despite repairs.

In these situations, you should seek to have the car recognized as “rebuilt,” as indicated in the title, versus being “repaired.”

If you decide to keep a ” totaled car,” you will still receive the reimbursement amount determined by the insurance company’s assessor. They may, however, deduct the costs of scrapping the car if it was included in that quote. 

The most important thing you can do is find a totaled car repair shop with a good reputation for addressing this dilemma. They will be able to assess whether restoration is possible and walk you through the process.  

Learn More About Totaled Car Repair Shop Qualifications

Now that you understand what aspects of a totaled car repair shop owners and insurance companies look at, you will better understand what to expect. An experienced repair company can further advise you on the steps to quickly get you back on the road. 

Limerick Auto Body is a full-service collision repair facility serving southeastern Pennsylvania, including Limerick, Pottstown, and Royersford. We will handle every aspect of fixing your car, including dealing with your insurance company and lining up temporary transportation. Reach out to us today to schedule service.