Top 4 Teen Driving Tips When You Are the Driving Instructor

teen driving tips

Did you know that the number of 16-year-olds with driver’s licenses has decreased to 25%?

While more and more teens are content with getting an Uber, there’s still demand out there. If you’re dedicated to teaching teens to drive, you know how they can sometimes become nervous or over-confident.

Are you wondering how to ensure everything goes well? Keep reading to learn all about the top 4 teen driving tips when you are the driving instructor.

1. Don’t Bombard Them With Info

One of the best teen driving tips involves giving them a few pieces of information at a time. If you try to explain everything ahead of time or when driving the car, they can end up forgetting that info and getting into an accident. The last thing you’d want to do is pay for auto paint repair in Limerick, PA.

Instead of driving to the grocery store during rush hour, you can have them drive in a parking lot at night. As they get more comfortable, you can give them additional information and increase the number of trips they go on.

2. Give Constructive Criticism

Do you want more teen driving safety tips? If so, then it’s best to avoid raising your voice at them or saying things that aren’t productive. Instead, you can tell them what they should have done in a given moment by using a calm voice.

Yelling and saying negative things can cause them to become even more frazzled, and an accident will be likelier. Before you know it, you’ll be getting car bumper repair in Pottstown, PA.

3. Be Vigilant

Anyone seeking teen driving advice should ensure they’re paying attention to everything their teen is doing while driving. At no point in time should you be on your phone or casually looking out the window. These trips are for them to learn, so they need your constant supervision.

In their nervousness, they may forget to buckle up or check the mirrors, for instance. It’s up to you to remind them of each safety precaution and more. That way, you’ll make it home instead of getting towed for autobody repair in Royersford, PA.

4. Accident Preparation

While teaching your teen to drive, you should always prepare for the worst-case scenario. This is why it’s worth talking with your teen about what to do after an accident.

For example, they should avoid driving off in a panic. It’s also important to exchange insurance info.

Are You Ready to Use These Teen Driving Tips?

Now that you’ve learned all about the top 4 teen driving tips when you’re the driving instructor, you can ensure everything goes as smoothly as possible. Sometimes accidents happen, but that’s okay because you can always seek out auto paint repair in Pottstown, PA.

Limerick Auto Body provides customers with top-of-the-line auto body repair and more. If you need accident repair in Limerick, look no further than our highly-rated services.

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5 Signs It’s Time for a Professional to Perform Your Car Bumper Repair

car bumper repair

Many drivers have done it, accidentally backed up, and rolled into something for a minor mark on their bumpers. Of course, those little nicks and scrapes are disappointing, but they’re typical for most cars. 

You find trouble when little nicks and scrapes add up over time. Little by little, you find yourself needing a new bumper on your car. It’s always better to be safer than sorry when it comes to your bumper. 

If you’re not sure that car bumper repair services are your next step, this list is for you! Below are indicators that it’s time to replace your bumper sooner rather than later. 

1. Fasteners Aren’t Fastening

Your bumper is held on by specific fasteners, securing it into place. When these fasteners begin to wear down and not work, they must be replaced. Getting in touch with your professional means replacing your bumper for your safety. 

2. Large Dents Prevent Integrity

Large dents may lead to your bumper falling off or failing when you need it most. For the best car bumper repairs, your professional will know when it’s time to right out replace it instead of hoping that the dents hold up in the face of an accident. Those large dents could easily cause your bumper to fail when you need it the most. 

3. Significant Paint Damage

Major paint damage indicates that your bumper has already seen its best days and no longer works sufficiently. Maybe you’ve put the effort in to repair your car bumper on your own, and it’s still showing signs of distress. Sometimes this quick repair doesn’t work correctly, and paint damage indicates replacement. 

4. Major Cracks and Dings

Small cracks in your bumper are one thing. Major cracks that leave you seeing right inside of the bumper are another. If your bumper has been through this much damage and those major cracks are something completely exposed, it’s time to consult a professional.

A professional will have a new bumper on so you’re comfortable on the road once again.

5. Bumper Has Fallen Off

One of the best ways to determine that it’s time for a new bumper is when it falls off your car. Your car bumper is an important part of your vehicle that you cannot drive around without. If your bumper falls off, your favorite repair shop located in Collegeville, Royersford, Pottstown, and Limerick, PA, should be your first call to have it all straightened out. 

The last thing you need to do is drive around with a nonexistent bumper. 

Is It Time for Car Bumper Repair?

Deciding that it’s time for car bumper repair is a simple one. Make sure your car is well taken care of and up-to-date with a working bumper. Make your appointment today and fix up your vehicle sooner rather than later. 

Limerick autobody is the best decision you could make to fix your car bumper, among many other repairs. When you’re ready to fix that car, get a hold of us to have it done right.