Auto Body Repair in Limerick, PA

Limerick Auto Body has provided high-quality collision repair services to customers in Limerick, PA, and the surrounding areas for over 30 years. 

We are a full-service facility offering auto body repair in Limerick, PA. Our experienced technicians use state-of-the-art equipment to quickly get you back on the road. 

When you bring your car to us for autobody repair, you can rest assured that every staff member is dedicated to your satisfaction. We guarantee you won’t find a better service or product quality elsewhere.

We understand the stress and frustration of being involved in an accident, so we provide a wide range of services to make the repair process smooth and seamless. 

We’ll work with your insurance company to cover the repairs and do our best to get your car back to you as quickly as possible.

Auto Body Collision

Auto body collisions are never fun, but our Limerick Auto Body team is ready to help. We’ll work with your insurance company to file all the necessary paperwork and get your car to the body shop as quickly as possible. 

We know waiting on collision repair in Limerick is a hassle for customers. So we’ll do what it takes to help you through this frustrating process as efficiently as possible. Let us care for everything so you can focus on returning to the road.

Auto Body Repair

Auto body repair can be stressful and time-consuming, especially with an auto collision. Fortunately, the team at Limerick is here to help.

We’ll handle the details so you can focus on returning to the road. We can complete repairs, from minor dents and scratches to significant bodywork and auto paint repair. 

No matter the size or scope of the job, we’ll work quickly and efficiently to get your car back to you in pristine condition.

Insurance Repair

If you’ve been in an accident, the last thing you want to worry about is dealing with your auto insurance carrier. Auto repair insurance can be a pain, especially when you don’t know what you’re entitled to. 

Let Limerick Auto Body negotiate your auto collision insurance claim on your behalf and take the stress out of the process! We have over three decades of experience working with all major auto insurance providers and can help make the claims process as smooth and stress-free as possible. 

We’ll work on your behalf to get the repairs started. Then we’ll serve as the point of contact for your insurance company until the process is complete. You can focus on getting back on the road and leave the rest to us.

Auto Body Repair in Limerick PA

So if you’re looking for a one-stop-shop for all your Limerick auto body repair needs, we’re right here! We’re here to help you get your car back in tip-top shape and get you back on the road.

Limerick Auto Body is a trusted source for auto body and collision repair in Limerick, Pottstown, and Royersford. We offer free estimates to get an idea of the cost of repairs before you decide what to do. Contact us today to schedule your appointment! 

The Damages Caused by a Fender Bender Accident

fender bender accident

You were recently involved in a fender bender. After inspecting your bumper, you deemed that no damage was caused and went on your merry way. 

You might not realize, however, that invisible damage could be present somewhere on your automobile. Are you curious as to what specific damages are commonly caused by a fender bender accident? We’re going to discuss them in detail below. 

Misalignment Problems

One of the more common results of fender bender accidents is misalignment problems. This happens when the vehicle’s frame or chassis becomes bent and misshapen. As a result, the car doesn’t perform optimally and might even be a little unsafe to drive. 

Symptoms of a misaligned frame include uneven tire wear and an “off-center” feeling while driving. 

Note that even a tiny, low-speed fender bender can result in this. So, if you’re involved in a fender bender, you should at least have your vehicle inspected for misalignment afterward. 

Electrical System Issues

When a fender bender occurs, there’s a risk that an electrical connection in the car becomes disconnected. If this occurs, all sorts of electrical system issues can present themselves. 

Your locks could stop working. Your windows could stop rolling up and down. You might even have trouble starting your vehicle. 

Exhaust Problems

Because a vehicle’s exhaust pipe sits at its rear, it’s ultra-vulnerable to damage during a fender bender. If it becomes even slightly bent during such a collision, it can make it difficult for the vehicle to evacuate toxic gases. This can result in a dangerous situation for the driver, not to mention reduced fuel efficiency. 


As you might expect, denting is one of the most common car damages associated with fender benders. When a vehicle is impacted by another vehicle at even a low speed, there’s a high risk of a dent showing up somewhere on the vehicle’s body. 

Once dents form, they leave the vehicle prone to rusting as well. Therefore, it’s important to have them fixed as soon as possible. 

Paint Scratches

Not only do fender benders commonly lead to denting but to paint scratching as well. Yes, auto paint is strong but not typically strong enough to stave off the impact of another moving automobile. 

Fortunately, paint scratches are easily fixed. Whether they’re small, large, or somewhere in between, they can be quickly fixed by a seasoned auto body shop. In fact, paint scratches are some of the most common car repairs in existence. 

Were You Recently Involved in a Fender-Bender Accident?

Were you recently involved in a fender bender accident? Do you need help repairing a car? If so, and if you’re in the Limerick, PA, area, look no further than Limerick Auto Body. 

We can fix all sorts of fender bender-related damages, from dents to missing parts to frame misalignments and more. Contact us now to schedule a full assessment of your vehicle!

Sputtering Engine? The Common Causes Explained

sputtering engine

You’re driving down the road, minding your own business, and all of a sudden, you feel it: your engine is sputtering. It’s clear that something is wrong, but you can’t quite tell what. 

And that’s what’s brought you to this article: you want to know what causes a sputtering engine. In truth, a number of problems can lead to this. So, without further ado, let’s get into the specifics of car engine problems below. 

Damage to the Exhaust Manifold

One of the more common causes of engine sputtering is a damaged exhaust manifold. The exhaust manifold moves gas fumes out of the vehicle. If it’s damaged, it can cause these fumes to leak, therefore resulting in a sputtering engine. 

A Clogged Catalytic Converter

The responsibility of the catalytic converter is to convert carbon monoxide to carbon dioxide before it exits the exhaust pipe. Unfortunately, over time, the catalytic converter can become clogged. When this occurs, it can cause gases to back up into the exhaust system, thereby causing the engine to sputter. 

A Malfunctioning Mass Airflow Sensor

The mass airflow sensor regulates how much air flows into the vehicle’s engine. If too much air flows into the engine, it will disturb the combustion process and therefore lead to sputtering. As such, if sputtering is present, it could be because the mass airflow sensor is malfunctioning in some way. 

Old Spark Plugs

Old spark plugs can cause engine problems as well. This is because they’re used to initiate the combustion process. If they’re firing improperly, they will lead to improper combustion, thereby leading to a rumbling sound from the engine. 

If your spark plugs aren’t old, they could still behave in a dysfunctional manner. This is particularly true in cases where the vehicle’s engine control module breaks down. 

Clogged Fuel Injectors

The fuel injectors are responsible for injecting fuel into the combustion chamber. Over time, however, fuel injectors can become clogged. When this happens, they can’t inject enough fuel, thereby leading to improper combustion and, of course, engine sputtering. 

Reduced Vacuum Pressure

The last reason for engine sputtering is reduced vacuum pressure. See, for a vehicle to run properly, its components must be adequately pressurized. When pressure is lost, many components don’t receive enough power, causing the engine to sputter. 

Vacuum leaks cause most vacuum pressure reductions. These can be patched up fairly quickly, allowing you to get your vehicle back in working order sooner rather than later. 

Dealing With a Sputtering Engine in Limerick PA?

Are you dealing with a sputtering engine? Do you need car engine repairs in Limerick, PA? If so, Limerick Auto Body might be able to help. 

Depending on what’s causing your engine to sputter, we might be able to solve the problem for you. Contact us today to schedule an appointment!