Beat the Heat With These 5 Summer Car Maintenance Tips

The United States is experiencing record high temperatures and unprecedented heatwaves.

As you prepare to stay cool this summer, don’t forget about the importance of car maintenance. High temperatures can mean trouble for your car, and you don’t want to be stuck on the side of the road in these record-breaking temps.

Keep reading for our top 5 car maintenance tips to beat the heat this summer.

Get an Oil Change

It’s always best to get your oil changed at the start of each season.

High temperatures increase the demand on your oil and your oil filter. When your oil is clean, your engine will function better and last longer.

When you get your oil changed, be sure to get your oil filter changed as well. You should also ask your mechanic to check your tire alignment, especially if your car has been in an accident.

Check Your Fluid Levels

Weather changes can affect fluid levels. Check your power steering fluid, windshield wiper fluid, transmission fluid, and especially your coolant fluid levels before hitting the road this summer.

If you aren’t sure how to check these fluid levels or top them off, your local mechanic will be happy to help.

Check Your Tire Pressure

Outside temperatures also affect your tire pressure. In cool conditions, tires will lose air each month. When summer hits, you want to make sure your tires are properly inflated.

Underinflated tires with low air pressure wear out more quickly, which can be expensive. Find out the recommended tire pressure for your vehicle and keep all of your tires, including your spare, properly inflated.

Test Your Battery

Did you know that increased temperatures affect your car’s battery life?

High temperatures in the summer lead to more fluid loss and oxidization of your car battery. This can reduce its life expectancy and lead to unexpected failure.

You don’t want to end up stranded in the summer heat because of a dead battery. Be sure to test it ahead of time.

Have Your Brakes Checked

Your brakes are probably the most important safety feature on your car.

Road trips, stop-and-go traffic, poor weather, and just regular wear and tear can all affect the function of your brakes. You don’t want to find out that your breaks are failing when it’s too late.

If you feel you need to use extra pressure to stop or are hearing noises when you brake, you may need a car repair.

Are You In Need of Summer Car Maintenance?

As you prepare to stay cool this summer, don’t forget about the needs of your car.

A vehicle is a major investment and part of protecting that investment is regular car maintenance. If you need to get your ride fixed up for the summer season, we are here for you.

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