The Importance of Driving Safe

It’s easy to drive on Route 100 through Pottstown and become distracted by the beautiful surroundings. However, if you’re the operator of the vehicle, your attention needs to be on the road and not on the trees. Careful, considerate and safe driving will ensure that you arrive to your destination without issue.

Before You Embark On Your Trip

Before your foot steps on the gas pedal to begin your trip, your vehicle needs to be checked to make sure you’re prepared to drive. Make sure your gas tank is adequately filled with the grade of gasoline rated for your vehicle. You can check your owner’s manual to confirm what grade your vehicle takes. When was the last time your oil was changed? Each vehicle has individual needs for oil changes but newer cars generally require an oil change every 5,000 miles. Are your headlights and taillights functional? If you happen to catch a bulb that is burned out, you will need to replace it. Failing to do so could potentially result in a traffic violation.

During Your Drive

While on the road, it is important that you abide by all traffic laws. This includes making a full stop at a stop sign. You may be tempted to do a rolling stop if there are not any other cars at the intersection but this is illegal and could result in a traffic violation. Under no circumstances should you text and drive. If you do have to respond to a text message urgently, pull over safely to the side of the road. If you need to make a call, utilize Bluetooth technology or pull over to the side of the road if the call cannot be completed hands free.

Drive For The Season

If you plan on taking a trip during inclement weather, make sure your car is prepared. Your windshield wipers should be in good working order and should not leave streaks on the windshield when operating. Driving in winter during a snow storm requires adequate snow tires. Snow tires grip the ground more efficiently to avoid slipping on slick roadways.

Does your car need a thorough check for safety? Limerick Auto Body is here to serve your vehicle to ensure it is safe and ready to be on the road. Contact us today to schedule an appointment for your vehicle.