What to Do After You Hit a Deer (and How to Keep Yourself Safe)

hit a deer

In the United States, there are over 1 million car accidents involving deer every year. This makes them some of the most common accidents in the country. 

Deer collisions are sometimes unavoidable. Even if people see the warning signs and drive carefully, deer seemingly come out of nowhere. When this happens, there isn’t enough time or distance to avoid them. 

If you’ve hit a deer, there are a few steps you should take afterward. Keep reading to learn more. 

Move Off the Road

The first thing to do is find a safe place to pull off from the road. Try to keep a good distance between your car and the deer. Put your hazard lights on and assess your injuries. 

If you or any of your passengers are injured, call 911. Don’t attempt to do anything else until emergency responders get there, and make sure you’re physically okay. 

Report the Deer

Sometimes the deer will get up and run off after a collision. If that’s the case, they’re probably fine. You’ll still need to report the accident to the police after the fact, but it’s not as urgent.

But if the deer is injured or dead, and its body is still in or near the road, call the authorities immediately. The deer’s body might be blocking traffic or creating an obstacle that threatens other drivers. 

Do not attempt to check on the deer yourself. Even seemingly friendly deer, like white-tailed deer, can be deadly when threatened. Deer are unpredictable animals; you don’t want to be near one when it’s panicked. 

The proper authorities will handle the rescue or removal of the deer. 

Assess Damage to Vehicle

If uninjured, take a quick walk around your vehicle to assess the damage. Don’t assume everything is fine! Even if you can’t see visible damage, something could be broken inside the car. 

Don’t risk driving it any further until you’ve had it checked out. Call a towing service so you can get your car to a mechanic. They’ll confirm it’s safe to drive or make any necessary repairs. 

Make sure to take many photos of the scene and any visible damage. This will help you file claims with your insurance to cover any repairs.

There are a lot of myths about what you need to do to get your repairs covered by insurance in emergency situations. They use these myths to make it easier to deny your claims. If your insurance is giving you trouble, let us negotiate your claim on your behalf. 

What to Do if You Hit a Deer

If you hit a deer, the most important thing is to stay calm. Assess the damage, first to you and your passengers and then to the deer and vehicle. 

Call authorities to handle the deer if it’s still on the road. Call a towing company and get your car repaired. Finally, file a claim with your insurance to cover the repairs. 

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