Straight Talk: Why Car Frame Straightening Matters After an Accident in Collegeville, PA

car frame straightening

According to the National Safety Council, car crashes are responsible for almost $500 billion in damage every year. Often, the harm to the vehicle extends far beyond what is visible. This includes to the engine, electrical components, and even the frame itself. 

Bent vehicle frames are commonly overlooked by drivers and insurance companies. This can cause further damage to a vehicle and even make it dangerous to drive. 

This article explains why car frame straightening is so important and the methods repair shops use to get your vehicle back to normal. Keep reading to learn more.  

What Are the Functions of a Vehicle’s Frame?

A vehicle’s frame, or “chassis,” is much like a skeletal system. It provides structural support and strength to the entire vehicle. This is important for property function and protection. 

A vehicle frame ensures that it drives straight and handles properly. It absorbs impacts, vibrations, and energy from cargo loads. 

When Is Car Frame Straightening Needed?

Make no mistake: quality car frames are very durable. They are made from strong metals, including carbon steel and aluminum alloys. Most minor fender-benders will not cause frame damage.

Major crashes, however, can result in misalignment. These include t-bones crashes, rollovers, and any major car collision that involves strong impact.

Also, rear-end collisions – even minor ones – are notorious for causing car frame misalignment. In all of these instances, you should have a professional check to see if car frame straightening is needed. 

What Are the Dangers of a Compromised Car Frame?

When a frame is compromised, the vehicle will not drive or function like it is supposed to. This could mean poor handling or instability.  

A compromised frame could cause uneven wear on your tires or the inability to properly control your vehicle. That could trigger airbag deployment when driving or make the seatbelts ineffective. 

It also means that the vehicle will not absorb impacts as intended, which could compromise road safety for passengers. This also could lead to increased repair and maintenance costs over time, and diminish your vehicle’s value

What Techniques Are Used to Straighten a Car Frame?

It is vital to find a reputable technician who has both the experience and the necessary tools for adjusting a vehicle frame. They will start by assessing the damage to your car’s frame and formulate a restoration plan.

This includes identifying hidden damage that is often missed by insurance assessors. They will then use hydraulic presses and a laser measuring system to control the force during the straightening process with precision. 

Is frame straightening safe? Yes, with the proper tools and expertise, technicians will be able to restore your vehicle to its original structural integrity.  

Find Car Frame Straightening Services Near You

Now that you understand the importance of a straight vehicle frame, you can line up service today. A professional auto repair shop can further advise you on the necessary diagnostic and restoration steps. 

Limerick Auto Body is a full-service collision repair facility serving Collegeville, PA, and the surrounding areas. We provide the highest level of auto repair expertise and will work with your insurance company to ensure they pay for needed car frame straightening or other repairs. Reach out to us today to schedule service.