Tis but a Scratch: Bumper Replacement or Repair?

Did you park your car on the street overnight, only to wake up and see some scratches or dents on your bumper?

Were you recently involved in a minor accident that didn’t require any major repairs, but you’re bothered by a dent or a scrape on your bumper?

You may think you need to spend money on a bumper replacement. Think again. You can probably save money on a bumper repair.

Read on the find out which is best for you.


Do you have an unsightly crack in your bumper from a minor accident? These are not uncommon. Even bumping into an object at low speed can cause them.

You can repair bumper cracks. Any reliable auto body technician recommends car bumper replacement for cracks.

The reason why cracks result in replacement are safety issues. Should you get into another accident, your cracked bumper will not provide the protection you need.


Dents from minor bumps or accidents are often repairable. An experienced technician will be able to pull out and repair a small bumper dent at an inexpensive cost.

These repairable dents are only a few inches long and wide. Any larger dents or widespread denting requires a bumper cover replacement.

Either way, any bumper dent could mean structural damage. Don’t delay on repair or replacement.


Scratches without any structural damage can be repaired.

Surface level paint scratches can either be buffed out at home with a little know-how, or by any auto body shop at an inexpensive rate.

Scratches are almost always resolved without a full front bumper replacement or rear bumper replacement.

Faulty Connections

If your bumper is loose, damaged connection points are the culprit. In these cases, repair is not recommended.

Should you notice your bumper falling loose, or if you have to push your bumper into place before you drive, your car is a candidate for bumper replacement.

These faulty connections can result in increased injury if you’re involved in a major accident. They can also fly off while you’re driving, leaving you liable for the damage to another car or worse.

If your bumper is loose, consult a bumper replacement cost estimator, and get it replaced as soon as possible.

Major Accidents

Sometimes looks deceive. If your vehicle experienced a major accident, but some parts appear to be intact, there may be underlying damage.

If your car bumper has a dent or a crack from a major accident, there may be damage to the frame. Removing and replacing the existing bumper is the only way to discover a bent, cracked, or twisted frame.

Bumper Replacement vs. Repair

The cost of bumper replacement can vary depending on vehicle make, model, and labor.

There are instances like scratches or dents where repair is a more affordable option.

If there is damage to your vehicle’s front or rear bumper, don’t delay taking it to the shop. Driving with a damaged bumper is not safe for your or your passengers.

If you’re in need of bumper or other auto body repair, contact us for a free quote today.