What Pennsylvania Residents Should Do if They Get in a Car Accident

Every year, 4.4 million people are injured in car crashes, so much so that they need medical attention.

You might think that just because you’re a good driver, you’ll be safe from these injuries. But the fact is, other people are irresponsible on the road and things out of your control can happen.

So what do you need to do in case you’re involved in a car accident in Pennsylvania? Read on to find out.

Check for Injuries

Right after impact, you might be dazed and thinking, “what should I do after I get in an accident?”

The very first thing you need to do is check that everyone’s alright. If not, dial 911. You should also call the police to get an official report.

Move off the Road

Next up in the steps to take after an accident is moving the vehicles off the road if possible. If not, don’t worry about it.

Either way, put down flares or reflective emergency triangles so others on the road won’t crash into you.

Get Information

Speak with all drivers involved and get their information. You’ll want their:

  • Full names
  • Phone numbers
  • Insurance information
  • License plate numbers
  • VIN numbers

Take as many photos of each car and all the damages as well. If there are any witnesses, get their contact information too.

When the police arrive, ask for a copy of their report. Or at least ask how to get a copy afterward.

Remember not to admit guilt, even if the accident is clearly your fault. You don’t want to ruin your chances of a successful insurance claim.

Let Your Insurance Company Know

If you’ve decided to go ahead with filing a claim, you’ll want to let your insurance company know about the accident. They can then advise you further on what to do.

See a Doctor

Even if you feel ok, you should always see a doctor after a car accident. The symptoms from some injuries (like whiplash) can take up to 24 hours or a few days to appear.

So if you see a doctor ASAP, they can determine if you have any injuries right away. This can help immensely if you file a claim.

Get Your Car Repaired

The next steps after an accident is cleared are to research auto shops and get your car repaired. If the accident was bad enough, some shops even pick up the vehicle for you.

They’ll inspect it and give you an estimate. If you agree to it, your car is then taken to be fixed. Some shops will arrange a rental car for you so you still have a reliable mode of transportation.

Stay Safe if You Have a Car Accident

If you get into a car accident in the future, you now know what to do. While it’s easier than done, try to remember to remain calm, and gather as much information as you can. That way, you’ll have everything you need when filing an insurance claim.

Now that you know what to do after a car accident in Pennsylvania, get an estimate from us. We can help fix your vehicle so you stay safe on the road.