5 Early Signs That You Need To Replace Your Tires

Replace Your Tires

Replacing tires is an inevitable part of vehicle ownership. 

Roughly 9 percent of vehicle crashes are tire-related. So despite the added expense, most drivers feel better knowing their tires are in good working condition. 

But how do you know if it’s time to replace your tires? 

This guide will share some tips to help you determine if your tires are safe for the road. Read on for 5 signs that it might be time to replace your tires.

1. Your Tires Failed the Penny Test

If you’re looking for a way to check your tires at home, try the penny test.

Set a penny in the tread groove with the head of the coin facing down. You should not be able to see the head of the coin. If you can see the top of the head, it may be time to replace your tires.

Failing the penny test is a sign that the treads on your tires have worn out.

2. You Feel Like Your Car Is Shaking and Vibrating

Several things can cause a car to vibrate but, if you feel like your car is vibrating all the time, it is time to check your tires.

Shaking and vibrations may show that your car needs tire balancing. Or it could mean that your tires have lost traction. 

If you find your car is vibrating, book an appointment with a mechanic.

3. Tire Pressure Light Says It’s Time to Replace Your Tires

If the tire pressure light on your dashboard alerts you often, it may be time for a tire replacement.

Manually check your tires to see if you need tire repairs. Or get a mechanic to check the tires for you.

4. You Are Experiencing Poor Traction

If your tires are functioning at maximum capacity, the tread groves should work to wick the water away as you drive. If you find your tires are no longer repelling water the way they should, you have probably started to lose traction.

If you notice your car is suddenly swerving or sliding more when you drive, it might be time to replace your tires. 

You should never be able to see the cords of a tire. If you can see cords in an area of your tires, it means the tread has disappeared and therefore, there is no traction in that area. If this is the case, your car is no longer safe to drive and you will need urgent tire repairs.

5. Your Tires Are More Than a Decade Old

Most manufacturers recommend replacing your tires at least once every ten years. Some manufacturers say a tire replacement should happen even earlier than that. 

Several factors impact the well-being of a vehicle’s tires—living in a climate with extreme weather conditions for example. 

If you haven’t experienced any of the early signs listed in this tire guide, but your tires are a decade old, you should book an appointment with a mechanic.

Know When It’s Time to Change Your Tires

Ensuring your tires are in good working condition is one of the safest precautions you can take as a driver. 

By paying attention to the 5 early warning signs listed in this guide, you will be able to determine when it’s time to replace your tires. 

If you suspect it might be time for a tire replacement, we can help. Contact us today to book an appointment for your tires.