Ensuring Quality and Durability: The PPG Advantage at Limerick Auto Body

At Limerick Auto Body, we take pride in delivering top-notch collision repair services, and our commitment to excellence is further exemplified by our partnership with PPG Industries, the global leader in automotive paints and finishes. 

In this blog post, we’ll delve into the exceptional benefits and guarantees of choosing Limerick Auto Body for your collision repair needs.

PPG’s Paint Performance Guarantee

Our collaboration with PPG Industries goes beyond mere association – it’s a commitment to providing you with the best-in-class automotive paint systems. 

PPG offers a Lifetime Limited Paint Performance Guarantee, ensuring that the parts of your vehicle refinished with PPG’s industry-leading products are covered for as long as you own your vehicle.

Coverage Details

The Lifetime Limited Paint Performance Guarantee encompasses protection against various paint failures, including:

  1. Peeling or Delamination of the Paint: We’ve got you covered if the paint on refinished parts starts to peel or delaminate.
  2. Cracking, Chalking, or Checking of Paint: Our guarantee extends to protect against cracks, chalk marks, or checks in the paint.
  3. Loss of Gloss Caused by the Above: Our guarantee ensures a remedy if there is any loss of gloss due to the specified issues.
  4. Paint Failure Attributed to Defective PPG Product: In the rare event of paint failure linked to a defective PPG product, you can trust Limerick Auto Body to address it.

What Sets PPG Collision Repair Specialists Apart?

Being a PPG-certified collision repair center is no small feat. PPG has stringent standards, and only auto body shops that meet these criteria receive certification. Here’s why Limerick Auto Body stands out:

  1. High Standard of Excellence: PPG only considers auto body shops with a proven track record of high-quality work.
  2. Proper Maintenance and Clean, Safe Conditions: We uphold proper maintenance of all equipment and maintain clean, safe operating conditions within our shop.
  3. Certified Technicians: Our technicians are certified in using all PPG equipment and materials, ensuring that your vehicle is in capable hands.
  4. Cutting-Edge Equipment and Quality Control Measures: We employ cutting-edge equipment, certified technicians, and advanced quality control measures to meet and exceed PPG’s high standards.

Choose Limerick Auto Body for Unparalleled Collision Repair

Our PPG certification is not just a badge – it’s a testament to our unwavering commitment to quality, durability, and customer satisfaction. When you choose Limerick Auto Body, you’re choosing a collision repair partner backed by the best in the industry.

For more information and to experience the PPG advantage, visit our site today at www.limerickautobody.com. At Limerick Auto Body, we’re dedicated to bringing your vehicle back to life with precision and care.