How Does Paintless Dent Repair Work? A Quick Guide

how does paintless dent repair work

Since the average American drives over 14,000 miles annually, keeping your car in top shape is likely a priority. If your vehicle sustains weather damage from hail or you get into a minor accident, you may wonder how to fix a car dent to keep your vehicle sleek and functional.

But how does paintless dent repair work, exactly? Read on to learn more.

How Does Paintless Dent Repair Work?

Traditional dent repair methods involve the technician pulling a dent out from the top of the metal. This makes preparing the area easy and allows for a bonding agent that fills the dent. The filling must then be sanded down flush with the rest of the car and painted to match its surroundings.

Paintless dent repair is much more efficient.

Instead of messing with the exterior metal panels, a professional will get underneath the metal of your car. They’ll use specialized rods and similar tools to press on the dents and massage them until they’re flat.

No additional fillers are used, and the manufacturer’s paint job stays intact. Your car is just like before, so you don’t need to worry about changes to its value or aesthetic.

This is quick and doesn’t damage the paint of your car. This is also a fast process since all you need to do is get directions to Limerick, bring it in, and get a quick fix.

The Benefits of PDR

Dent repair isn’t just a cosmetic procedure. It’s also beneficial to retain the structural foundation of your car.

Dents are more susceptible to future weather damage and rust. If the car gets rattled, there may also be internal damage beneath the hood. You won’t know if things were jostled unless you bring the vehicle into the shop and get an assessment.

But why PDR methods?

For one thing, paintless processes are cheaper. You don’t need to pay for filler and new paint. You only need to worry about labor costs, which will be pretty low since PDR takes far less time and effort than traditional repairs.

Faster service means you won’t be left without a ride for an extended time, too. It’s generally a same-day process. While you might need traditional repair methods for hard-to-reach dents, there’s a high likelihood that you can use PDR and get your car back quickly.

Paintless dent repair also retains the car’s value. Since it relies on metal memory, the original paint job remains intact. Everything stays as it was when your car came from the manufacturer, so it will sell for a higher price when you want to trade it in.

Begin the Dent Repair Process Today

So, how does paintless dent repair work?

At its essence, it’s a simple process where a professional pops dents out your car’s metal. Now that you know its intricacies and benefits, it’s time to begin the dent repair process ASAP.

Contact Limerick to learn how we can help you fix a car dent quickly and affordably.