Pottstown, PA Auto Care: 4 Signs Your Car Is Totaled

signs your car is totaled

Here in the U.S., around two million car accidents happen each year. Most of these are minor fender benders, but some of these crashes are severe enough to cause serious damage.

If you’ve recently been in a wreck, you know the aftermath can be a headache. From dealing with insurance agents to figuring out how to fix your ride, it’s sometimes hard to tell whether repairs are worth the trouble. If you’re unsure when to throw in the towel and replace your car, let’s look at a few signs your car is totaled.

Repairs Cost More Than Replacement

It should come as a no-brainer that you should consider your ride totaled when it would cost more to repair than to replace. This is especially true if your vehicle’s cash value is low, like older or high-mileage cars.

In most cases, your insurance company will refuse to pay for collision repairs if they’re more expensive than buying a car of the same value. Instead, your policy will give you money for a replacement car.

Major Fluid Leaks

Though minor drips aren’t always worth worrying about, significant fluid leaks indicate excessive vehicle damage. After an accident, constant leaks may suggest that you’ve damaged a line or reservoir, which can affect critical parts like the engine or transmission.

If you’re unsure whether your leak means a totaled car, bring your ride to a mechanic you trust.

Specific Damaged Parts

Certain parts of a vehicle are more expensive to repair than others. Even if the damage looks minor, the cost of new parts may outweigh the cost of buying a new ride.

Severe damage to a car’s frame may cause an insurance company to total your vehicle. A damaged frame can impact your ride’s suspension, tire alignment, and other components.

If your car deployed its airbags in an accident, your insurer may not want to cover the expense. Airbag replacement can cost thousands, and adding it to the cost of fixing any body damage may make the price of repairs skyrocket.

Engine and transmission damage are always red flags. If your car won’t start after an accident, getting estimates for engine or transmission replacements may prove your ride is no longer worth the expense.

Fire or Flood Damage

If your vehicle damage happened due to a fire or flood, the chances are good that your car is totaled. Floods can cause significant damage to a car’s engine and electrical systems, and fires can melt crucial and expensive components.

Know the Signs Your Car Is Totaled

Before considering your ride a total loss, make sure you know the signs your car is totaled. Not every type of vehicle damage will require you to spring for a new ride, so work on understanding the current issues with your vehicle.

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