A Car Guide on Preparing for the Warmer Months of the Year

Car Guide

There’s nothing like taking a drive on the first warm day of the season. As the colder weather finally subsides, you may find yourself rolling down your car windows and cranking up your favorite summer playlist.

Summer is a great time for road trips. 85 percent of travelers planned to drive to their destination in 2021.

But before you hit the open roads this year, make sure your car is adequately prepared for the warm weather. 

This car guide will share tips on how to properly prepare your vehicle for the warmer months. By taking these steps, you will ensure your road trips are uninterrupted, so you can make the most out of the warm weather, without having to worry about the state of your car.

Test Your Air Conditioner

It’s likely been months since you last turned on your car’s air conditioner. If it’s malfunctioning, it’s better to find out before the warm weather comes. There’s nothing worse than realizing your air conditioner is broken when you need it most.

Test the unit at the start of Spring. This will give you lots of time to fix it if it’s not functioning properly. 

If your air conditioner has stopped working, you may need to check the refrigerant or replace your air filters. 

A Car Guide to Checking Your Fluids

If you’ve been using your windshield wipers to clear snow and ice from your car all winter, it might be time to replace the blades. Blades wear down throughout the winter. 

It’s also a great time to refill your wiper fluid, as you will need fluid during rainstorms. You will also rely on your wipers to clear pests and bugs that hit your windows at night.

Drivers should also check the temperature gauge on the car’s dashboard. Check for leaks and add coolant if you need to. This will help prevent your car from overheating.

Book an Appointment at the Auto Shop

Summer is a great opportunity to book your annual service if you haven’t already done so. The right car preparation will reduce the chances of you getting stranded on the side of the road.

The dramatic temperature change can cause your tire pressure to change. Have an auto store or mechanic check your tire pressure. You should also get your tires changed to new tires or all-season tires as they will provide better traction in the warmer months.

While you’re there, have the auto shop test your battery. Heat can harm batteries, so it is important to ensure your car’s battery is in working order.

Get a Car Wash

Make sure you visit the car wash to rid your vehicle of salt and grime that has built up over the winter. This will help protect your paint and the undercarriage of your vehicle. It will eliminate the potential for rust.

Following the steps in this car guide will also mean that your car is sparkling and new before you hit the road with family and friends. 

Enjoy the Warmer Drives

Before you hit the road to enjoy the warmer months, make sure your car is ready. 

By following the advice in this car guide, your car will be ready to face the summer elements. So you can focus on having fun in the sun, without dealing with vehicle trouble. 

Book a service appointment with us today, and let’s make sure your car is ready for the warm weather.